Summit’s Requirements

In order to become a delegate and participate in the 6th International Youth to Youth Summit 2021, one should correspond to the following selection criteria:

  • be fully vaccinated and hold an official vaccination certificate by October, 2021
  • be a citizen of any country in the world with a valid travel document
  • be between 18 and 35 years old (there could be exceptions based on the excellence of the candidates)
  • demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and potential to become a key leader in your community
  • have passion to create positive social change and willingness to use Y2Y Summit’s experience in your leadership position
  • have a good working knowledge of written and spoken English

Participation fees

Youth to Youth Initiative is a volunteer-based organization and provides its opportunities on a non-commercial basis, keeping the participation fees low, just enough to cover your expenses during the event.

Participation fee equals to 300 EUR or 357 USD.

Participation fee covers your accommodation, food, all Summit’s materials and events, and local transportation in Kyiv from 09th of October to the 12th of October.

IMPORTANT! Participation fee doesn’t cover your travel to and from Ukraine as well as additional nights at accommodation.

We advice you to outsource funding from local organizations, educational institutions and public/private figures. If you require any documentations in order to fundraise, please contact

Once selected, participants are required to proceed with the participation fee payment within one week in order to secure their spots and make the according reservation.

The deadline for international applicants is September 10th, 2021.

Application for the 6th International Youth to Youth Summit, Kyiv, 2021

Y2Y Online Application

(as in Passport)
(preferable e-mail for the Summit related communication)
(include name and contact details)
(and/or current project in relation to the topic or youth field)
(name of educational institution and major)
(passport number, expiry date)
(note, we are trying to reduce our environmental footprint and offer to all delegates diverse vegetarian food during the Summit)
(specify if you require any assistance)
(Facebook, Twitter)
(up to two links)
(maximum 200 words)
(maximum 200 words)
(maximum 200 words)
(maximum 200 words)
(the best 6 ideas will receive a free of charge mentorship for a year to implement and grow their socially-beneficial initiatives)